Ruben Lozano

Growth Marketing Specialist

Experienced Hands-on Growth Marketer for Startups

Driving performance and growth isn’t easy but I have been in your situation before.

Ruben Lozano Me Growth Marketing Specialist 2

Startups I've worked with:

Ruben Lozano Me Growth Marketing Specialist 2

About me

Meet Ruben Lozano

Nothing makes me happier than figure out how to connect startups with its product-market fit and customers based on data-driven. I am comfortable with goals and challenges and working with any kind of marketing channels: PPC, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Tag Management, Voice of Customer, Conversational Marketing or Cold Email Prospecting.

My job? Driving performance for all paid/performance marketing channels, evaluate and scale into new channels with a focus on driving incremental growth and drive acquisition while managing to CAC targets.

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Performance and Growth Marketing

Work Experience

Flanks Work Experience Logo - Design Marketing - Ruben Lozano Me


Date: 1st December 2019 til present

Role: Chief Marketing Officer

Description: Strategy and execution of a WealthTech Startup.

Holded 2 Work Experience Logo - Design Marketing - Ruben Lozano Me


Date: 1st February 2020 til present

Role: Performance Marketing Specialist

Description: Optimise the performance of the PPC area.

Deliverea 2 Work Experience Logo - Design Marketing - Ruben Lozano Me


Date: 1st February 2019 til present

Role: Performance Marketing Specialist

Description: Execute the tasks in the areas of PPC, Email Marketing, Cold Email Prospecting and Digital Analytics.

The Bright Angle 2 Work Experience Logo - Design Marketing - Ruben Lozano Me

The Bright Angle

Date: January 2019 until July 2019

Role: Growth Marketing Specialist

Description: Find the way to increase the conversion rate and the number of sales.

Accenture Interactive 2 Work Experience Logo - Design Marketing - Ruben Lozano Me

Accenture Interactive

Date: February 2019 until August 2019

Role: Digital Marketing Analyst

Description: In-client working to create KPIs reports and dashboards for marketing and business teams.

Printsome 2 Work Experience Logo - Design Marketing - Ruben Lozano Me


Date: July 2017 until February 2019

Role: Online Marketing Specialist

Description: Execute tasks to increase conversion rate and implementing other areas of marketing like Voice of Customer, Email Marketing, Conversational Marketing and Digital Analytics.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest"


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Growth Tribe

Growth Hacking Course | 2020

Become a certified growth marketer. Build technical, data-driven, behavioural psychology & marketing skills to grow businesses and solve user needs.

  • Master the growth strategies, tactics & tools used by the world’s leading growth teams.​
  • Gain expertise in cutting-edge research, psychology, copywriting & CRO techniques​.
  • Master the end-to-end experimentation process, from ideation, design, analysis & implementation​.
  • Apply cutting-edge processes & frameworks to implement a scaleable & repeatable process of rapid experimentation​.
  • Set up soft and hard tracking, launch Marketing automation, apply conversion rate optimisation frameworks. & set up growth loop.
  • Manage your own growth sprints & teams, rank growth experiment ideas collect data & analyse results.
  • And more.
Growth Hacking Course Logo

Growth Hacking Course

Growth Hacking Course | 2020

Become an expert in Growth Hacking learning in your spare time, from your mobile, tablet or computer. You are about to know the growth methodology of the most TOP companies in the world.

  • Growth Mindset.
  • Funnel Pirate (AARRR).
  • VIRALITY: How we get more than 5,500 leads in just 48 hours.
  • Create a robot for your lead generation on Linkedin.
  • Growth-focused data analysis.
  • How to write copies that DO convert.
  • And more.
IEBS Business School Logo

IEBS, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School

Growth Hacking Master | 2018-2019

The Postgraduate in Growth Hacking aims to teach how to generate a culture of growth in your company. A change in attitude when using digital tools as your allies, combined with the use of the growth hacking funnel and the tactics applicable in each of its stages with a single objective: Create Growth Engines:

  • Understand why a diagnosis of your company should be done before making any modifications.
  • Understand how to validate if your product fits the market, in order to develop a strategy focused on growth.
  • Know which are the models that will help you attract more customers, without the need to generate an expense outside your budget in advertising channels.
  • Interpret well the most optimal ways to turn a visit into a client and together with this develop your creative and motivational capacities to keep or retain these new clients.
  • Develop a hypothesis model, using the A/B testing methodology, that will help you improve or increase your conversion rate: whether in sales, registrations, subscriptions, among other objectives of your venture.
  • And more.

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Trying to be a T-Shaped Growth Marketeer

Marketing Areas


I was implementing and running campaigns on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads.

Web Analytics

Configure analytics tools, conversions, segments, filters, and views. Also generate dashboards and monthly reports.

Tag Management

Implement the labels of the tools that were necessary and configure them where necessary.


I was responsible for optimizing the conversion rate of the website in English. Analyzing the conversion rate for each of the segments (device, country, landing page, etc.) and optimizing through A / B and Multivariate experiments.

Email Marketing

Through the Pardot tool, helping to configure all post-sales workflows and sequences and to maintain and optimize them. Also to implement a workflow to obtain the NPS and to send them to recommendation platforms such as Trustpilot.

Conversational Marketing

Through the Drift tool I helped implement a series of sequences to automate user needs. It is another channel of conversion.

Your Own Growth Story

In less than six years, Slack has become the go-to platform for online collaboration and communication for both professional and personal users.

From just 8,000 users at launch in 2013, Slack hit one million daily active users in late 2015. Today, the service boasts over 10 million DAUs. That’s a pretty stellar growth metric. But how did Slack do it?

My Marketing Technology Stack (MTS)

Marketing Tools

Ruben Lozano Me - Google Tag Manager Logo

Google Tag Manager

I configured with Google Tag Manager all the tools that were necessary such as analytics events and pixels for PPC.

Ruben Lozano Me - Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics

I configured the tool with Google Analytics along with the properties, views, objectives and segments.

Ruben Lozano Me - Google Data Studio Logo

Google Data Studio

Without a doubt my favorite tool. Dashboards and reports to monitor all the main metrics for each of the most important dimensions as well as for each of the time periods.

Ruben Lozano Me - Google Ads Logo

Google Ads

I configured all the search and display campaigns. I also optimized the campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads.

Ruben Lozano Me - Linkedin Ads Logo

Linkedin Ads

I set up campaigns with different audiences to optimize the results.

Ruben Lozano Me - Hubspot Logo


Main CRM for use with which I managed and monitored all the leads and their variables to be able to iterate the marketing campaigns where we had the best results.

There is not improvement without a feedback​


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