Ruben Lozano

Growth Marketing Specialist

Performance Marketing Specialist at Deliverea

Remote project optimising PPC channels and setting up and implementing web analytics in order to generate qualified leads for the startup.

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SaaS delivery for ecommerce

What is Deliverea?

When a company starts working with a transport operator, an integration of the operating systems of the two companies has to be done. Even so, managing to optimize product delivery costs can be difficult if you have more than one delivery company. A problem encountered by the Charuca stationery company, the Vino Premier company or the Rugbier firm, which have had to go through this integration process with each of the companies with which they work. To respond to this problem, Deliverea was born, a technological solution that offers ecommerce the possibility of working with multiple operators from a single tool that manages and optimizes shipments. In addition, thanks to Deliverea, ecommerce can choose the operator rate that best suits the needs of each product, saving time and reducing costs up to 30%.

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North Star Metric (NSM)

My Goal

The main objective at Deliverea was to capture leads for their platform for all segments that were not large accounts. To do this, it had to be achieved through the PPC areas using Google Ads, Linkedin Ads and Twitter Ads.

I helped implement Google Tag Manager to manage the tagging of variables, events and objectives and to be able to implement tools. I also finished configuring the analytics in Google Analytics implementing the goals, views and properties in order to implement Google Data Studio and be able to keep track of all the metrics and the main KPIs, and especially the North Star Metrics (NSM) . Monthly I sent them a report through the tool with the highlights of the month.

En Deliverea mi NSM era los Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

A startup with unlimited opportunities

Performance Marketing at Deliverea

My stage at Deliverea was from February 2020 to May 2020. Working with the Deliverea team was a pleasure. Both Joan and Guillermo helped me to understand the need they had and to meet frequently to be able to mark the improvements of the strategy and better understand the results we were having.

Optimised Metrics

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

A good plan executes now is better than a perfect plan next week

Performance Marketing Tasks and Responsibilities


Tasks that I have developed in Deliverea in my time as Performance Marketing Specialist:

  1. Setup analytical tools to measure metrics such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and Woopra through Google Tag Manager.
  2. Set up and run marketing campaigns in Google Ads, Twitter Ads and Linkedin Ads.
  3. Generate monthly KPIs reports evaluating the Marketing efforts.


Responsibilities that I assumed during my contract as a remote freelance at Deliverea:

  1. Being responsible for the analytics and tracking of the website, also that the campaigns are tracked in the correct way.
  2. Be responsible for the PPC area and a monthly budget to achieve the goals.
  3. Be responsible for providing monthly KPIs to Business.

Achievements and failures in Deliverea

Each Startup is a World

Every startup is totally different. So is the type of actions and strategies required to achieve the marketing objectives set.

During my time at Deliverea, I was clear about my objectives and the means I had. As a professional and marketer, I try to put myself in the position of the CMO and I want the investment that is put in my hands to be positive. I know how important it is for a startup to grow at the beginning of its life and how important it is to generate leads that validate the idea and that generate resources to continue growing.


I define successes as those objectives whose results have been better than those marked:


I define failures as those objectives whose results have been worse than those marked or simply have not been achieved:

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Performance Marketing as a Service (PMaaS)

Marketing Areas in Deliverea


I was implementing and running campaigns on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads.

Web Analytics

Configure analytics tools, conversions, segments, filters, and views. Also generate dashboards and monthly reports.

Tag Management

Implement the labels of the tools that were necessary and configure them where necessary.

Marketing Technology Stack (MTS)

Marketing Tools in Deliverea

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Google Tag Manager

I configured with Google Tag Manager all the tools that were necessary such as analytics events and pixels for PPC.

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Google Analytics

I configured the tool with Google Analytics along with the properties, views, objectives and segments.

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Google Data Studio

Without a doubt my favorite tool. Dashboards and reports to monitor all the main metrics for each of the most important dimensions as well as for each of the time periods.

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Google Ads

I configured all the search and display campaigns. I also optimized the campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads.

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Linkedin Ads

I set up campaigns with different audiences to optimize the results.

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Main CRM for use with which I managed and monitored all the leads and their variables to be able to iterate the marketing campaigns where we had the best results.

There is not improvement without a feedback​

The Opinion of Deliverea

Involvement matters in the success of a startup

Time at Deliverea

I worked partially combining the rest of the projects. I did my tasks remotely and online since I did not need to work constantly and directly with the team. Communication with the team was done by Slack and by email.

We met once a month at the Deliverea offices. When the coronavirus pandemic appeared, we did everything through online meetings with Google Hangouts.

The areas worked in Deliverea have been 3: PPC, Web Analytics and Label Management.

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